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They used to say "here comes trouble." Why? Because my nature was to fight anybody, anywhere, anytime, and my anger problem was both intense and intentional. I trained 6 hours a day, ran 10 miles a day, every single day on fighting techniques to insure my success. The upside was: winning titles in boxing and kick-boxing, being on TV, Cadillacs, money, nightlife fame, married a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, fighting on a world class level, an undefeated career with all knock-outs as a Pro. The downside was: countless street fights and trips to jail, ran a bulldozer into someone's house at 3:00 a.m., owing the IRS, bankruptcy, divorce, FBI took my house, mother suddenly died young, I was shot in the head with a sawed-off shotgun, had a motorcycle wreck at 120 mph and my first born son died of brain cancer at 3 years old. Can you imagine the curse of life I must have felt? I should be dead or crazy, but the wisdom I found through my darkest days produced a depth and tenacity that can only happen when you endure, not just a storm, but life's extreme trials. And most parents will admit, when it affects your own child, the word "extreme" just isn't enough.

My hope is that you too could conquer the war within and around you. Everyone has that choice. I hope you make the right one and get the life you deserve. One lonely day in a hospital bed after yet another death defying catastrophe, I made mine and everything changed in the blinking of an eye. I finally got it! The life I had only dreamed of. A victorious life of great peace. How did it all change, you ask? What were the steps for true victory? How can you not return to what entangles and robs your life? Don't miss the next opportunity to hear my story in full and the sincere passion that rose from it. More...

Today I believe..."True success is found in the lives you have changed...not in the things you have obtained." Let me help you change yours. ...

Jonathan Spinks           Jonathan Spinks

There is help.  Here's my story about the...
Death of My Child

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Nathan Spinks

Kenya & Stephen Baldwin loved my son

Nathan loved Momma the most

Daddy taking care
of his boy




My Other Responsibilities

Jonathan Spinks is currently the CEO of OSU Tour

Faith-Based Military Live Entertainment
OSU Tour is a Non-Profit 501(c) 3 organization that works closely with the Pentagon and is an official member of America Supports You, a nationwide Department of Defense program. OSU Tour is dedicated to helping our armed forces with the common issues our brave men and women face, including troubled marriages, anger and depression, raising children today, assistance for addictions, and aid in dealing with PTSD-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. OSU Tour has many components, one of which provides “live entertainment” for US troops on location in military bases all over the world. Performances feature HOLLYWOOD Actors, NFL Superbowl Stars, NASCAR, NFL Cheerleaders, NBA Players, World Champion Boxers, UFC Fighters and much more including the Flying Wallenda’s high wire circus act, ventriloquist David Pendleton, comedians, top musical artists and concerts. Each show finishes with a message to increase (MWR) morale and welfare. Our message is directed toward giving encouragement that results in a stronger soldier resulting in stronger families back home.


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